a perfect mix of work and play

Taken at the New Day Northwest set in August.
My coworkers and I on my last day at KING 5 TV’s New Day Northwest in Seattle.

Heading into this summer, I had no idea how I would be spending my days. I spent months applying for internships with no luck, and was stressed that I would be unemployed during the break. In June, I heard back from a program on my local television station expressing interest in hiring me as an intern. By the middle of the month, I was working as the only intern on KING 5’s New Day Northwest.

Throughout my internship, I worked backstage to ensure that show guests were prepared and calm for their segment with host Margaret Larson. I communicated with producers constantly to keep them up-to-date on guests’ needs heading into taping. We worked with a live studio audience, and it was my responsibility to set up props prior to each segment in addition to creating content for the show’s website. Some highlights of my internship include was when I got to appear on-camera in a segment that was full of distractions, as well as getting the opportunity to meet former Seahawks player Jordan Babineaux.

Over the course of my internship, I networked with professionals in the field and developed friendships with the people I worked with. The security guard, Steve, became one of my closest friends and asked to take me in as his unofficial granddaughter. One of the producers, Joseph, and I quickly bonded over our love for the movie Bridesmaids. It was encouraging to realize that this career path is something I am truly interested in, rather than finding out the hard way that I am not interested in broadcast production.

I found time to enjoy myself outside of the office this summer. I attended several concerts, from The Lumineers to Earth, Wind, & Fire. I went out on the boat on Lake Sammamish several times. Finally, I got the chance to lead my Young Life group at camp in August, before heading back to school for my senior year. It was a jam-packed summer, full of fun and learning opportunities.


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