hibernation isn’t just for bears

Winter in Pullman can be unbearable at times, but there’s one thing that makes it better. I’m not the most athletic person in the world — my idea of winter sports is inner tubing — so when it comes to winter, my favorite way to spend my days is watching Netflix. When the winter hits in Pullman, it can be hard to will myself to get outside or be productive in academics. I enjoy watching Netflix because it allows me to escape the stresses of my everyday life, and get a look at people, places, and stories that I normally wouldn’t get the chance to experience in Pullman.

Most recently, I watched the Amanda Knox documentary and the original Netflix series Stranger Things.

I enjoy watching true crime documentaries as well as intense thrillers, but I need a comedy series to balance things out. My favorite comedy to watch on Netflix is Gilmore Girls, which will be revived in November.

Since I’m a journalism media production major, I enjoy all things television. I’m always looking for creative stories that are both personal and compelling. No matter how busy my days are, I always make time at night to watch at least one episode on Netflix. It relaxes me and comforts me when I don’t have the option to go outside since it’s so cold.

I don’t just watch these movies and episodes by myself – my roommates and I always enjoy staying in to watch Parks and Recreation, The Office, or Soaked in Bleach. Being able to congregate in the living room and give our input on our favorite Netflix series is a serious bonding activity! When winter rolls around, I make it a point (more than any other season) to basically hibernate. There are a lot of adventures on Netflix, and winter gives me the chance to explore!


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